Thank you for visiting our Chabad China coronavirus crises website.

There is a famous saying "the captain is the last one to abandon the ship". This is true of the Shluchim currently in China. While many of our community members have already left China or, are not returning after Chinese New Year till the threat of the coronavirus is over, we the Shluchim are staying put to assist all the Jews who are still here but unable to travel at this time.

As you know, each Chabad house is individually funded through contributions solicited by its Shliach.

The Chabad houses in China, however, are predominantly supported by international business people and tourists visiting China. 

However, as China has shut down incoming and outgoing tourism, has closed all schools and universities, and major airlines are canceling flights to and from China (through March), this puts a tremendous financial strain on all our Chabad Houses. 

The reality is that in spite of this dire situation, we must still pay our basic monthly expenses - rents, mortgages, salaries, utilities, TODAY. Otherwise, we will not be able to open our doors TOMORROW when the situation clears.

We know this sounds desperate and scary. The problem is that the situation is, indeed, desperate and scary!

Help us help you - even if you haven't or won't directly benefit from the Chabad Houses of China, your fellow Jew has and will - we are appealing to you from the depths of our heart to help the many tens of thousands of Jews who come through our doors on a yearly basis!

Please don't rely on the next person to click the donation link, do it yourself. ANY AMOUNT HELPS AND IS MOST APPRECIATED! 

We thank you in advance for your care and support. May Hashem bless you with whatever you need in life, health, happiness, nachat, success, and much more. May Hashem grant you the ability to always be on the giving side AMEN!

PS. The situation is extremely fluid and evolving each day. Based on the current situation and in consultation with experts along with the embassies/consulates of the United States and Israel who are evacuating families of personnel, the families of Shluchim may also be advised to leave until the situation clears up. We pray that this will be soon.